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Multilingualism is the Wave of the Future
Recruitment Process

The recruitment and selection is the major function of the human resource department and recruitment process is the first step towards creating the competitive strength and the recruitment strategic advantage for the organizations. 

Recruitment process involves a systematic procedure from sourcing the candidates to arranging and conducting the interviews and requires many resources and time. Our recruitment process is as follows:


Request for Recruiting
Recruit Applicants
Evaluate Application
SELPEO Interview Process
Interview Process

We develop a close relationship with our candidates and aim to create a positive experience for them during the entire recruitment process.

The benefits of using SELPEO
Proactivity and Efficiency

All of our recruitment consultants possess invaluable market insight and a deep understanding of their respective fields. Their wealth of experience means that they are able to focus on providing realistic and reactive recruitment solutions, specific to each client’s needs and corporate culture, which adds value to their overall specialist recruitment experience.


Global Language Solutions

Our long-standing experience in multilingual recruitment means that our candidates are not only highly skilled in their specific fields, but many are also native Korean, Japanese, Thai, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese), Indonesian and other Asian languages. They all possess a very high level of fluency in English.


With you, everywhere

Building on our success, we now operate in the majority of SouthEast Asian countries via our offices in Kuala Lumpur, Manila and Singapore. Our shared database allows our uniquely talented international recruitment team to source specialised multilingual candidates throughout Asia. During each of our recruitment processes, our clients have a dedicated account manager to work with who efficiently supports their recruitment needs. Simplicity and efficiency is the cornerstone to our success.


Why Multilingual?

From the beginning SELPEO has established itself as a recruitment agency specialized in multilingual profiles. Why? Because we believe in specialization since it is what distinguishes us. We guarantee that our knowledge and experience in this type of profiles will make the difference in recruitment services for our partners. 


Multilingual are typically less disturbed by environmental changes and more open to new experiences. They have more than one view of the world, an ideal perspective for any company looking to expand across the globe. They motivate others in the company to think differently, and they’re vital to bridging the gap when businesses expand into non-English-speaking markets.


The Marketplace Demands Multilingualism



A Multilingual Team Inspires Innovation

In fact, misunderstanding language or culture poses serious risks. A company that can communicate with customers in their native languages will be better equipped to build relationships and tap into new sources of economic potential.


Staff from different backgrounds bring with them a variety of perspectives, which is essential for a company looking for creative problem-solving and innovative thinking. 

Companies with employees who speak several different languages have access to people who see and solve problems differently, leading to truly innovative solutions for their companies.


Bilingual Employees Foster a Diverse Environment


Diverse teams are not just capable of innovative thinking. They show that a company is invested in hiring people with a range of talents and from a variety of backgrounds.

For businesses looking to expand their reach into other markets, particularly international ones, a diverse workforce that speaks many languages is vital. Having a staff that includes people from various backgrounds sends a message that the company is prepared to meet the needs of a variety of customers.


Good Client Interactions Depend on Bilinguals


​When companies add customers who speak other languages, they also need to add staff who speak those languages.

An employee who speaks another language can have one-on-one conversations with customers in a way that proves the company’s degree of investment in this new market. Bilingual employees can also translate your company’s written materials, help craft advertising strategies, and give online help via live chats.


Candidate Pools

SELPEO has pools of the candidates in variety ways; Different Methods and Approaches

Experienced Multilingual Recruiter

They strive to deliver excellence in the recruiting service, it makes excellent responding to Job seekers and Client’s inquiries in their own Languages, they have personal human networkin Malaysia, Singapore, China, Thailand, Korea and  Japan.

Many online and offline societies for Korean/Japanese in Southeast Asia, We build up strong personal connections. 

Now we are utilizing the social network/personal connection to find competitive candidates.

Social media
Local Job portal & Partnership in Japan, Korea, China, Thailand

Each Country has its own famous Job Portals. We are well aware of how to use it and we have large number of applicants database.

Regularly participates in seminars and events held in each Countries. 

Maintains strong relationships with Government  and universities.


We pride ourselves on offering a high quality, professional service. We are known for providing a transparent and honest recruitment approach with a personal element. We listen carefully to our candidates and clients in order to gain a clear understanding of their needs.

We act quickly and efficiently and only send CVs of candidates we truly believe are a match for the job and the company. 

So no matter what your talent demands are, we can put together a plan that will deliver

exactly what you need. Don’t put up with gaps in your workforce. 

Let’s get together and make things happen.

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