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We are now in a multilingual world and businesses are constantly looking for candidates who possess language skills to work within their company to better communicate with their customers and clients.

Multilingualism also offers access and exposure to many different cultures and career opportunities.


What do we do?

In today's highly competitive, candidate-driven job market, finding and hiring the ideal job candidate is quite hard.  Whether you’re looking for a position to utilize your multilingual skills or looking for a new talent with fluency in other key languages, we will do that for you.

We are the largest Independent Language Recruitment Consultancy in Asia with offices in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

SELPEO’s goal is more than just finding you your perfect job but to also bring you to them!


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Our desire is to stay with you throughout your career. We maintain close relationships with all our candidates so we will always check in on you to see how you are finding your new role!

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In this world where the job competition is increasing, we can connect you directly to the market and the company you want to join into.

We have an extensive market knowledge and partnerships in different industries.


We are with you during the process


We know that you might feel terrified to have an interview not in your native language but there is nothing to worry about.


Our dynamic and multilingual team will assist you in any best way possible.  


Limitless Job Opportunities 


With only one interview and assessment with us, we can already connect you with different companies across Asia.


We conduct face-to-face interviews or even video calls no matter where you are.



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